The room of the dolls

Among the Dida kits imitation games, boys and girls, the dolls’ room is the “nostalgic ” . Strollers for dolls, toy prams and cots, lockers, beds rocking accompany the symbolic play of the little girl with her doll, 35 or 50 cm. The dollhouse room Dida is not a set of miniature furniture: it is, instead, to furniture for dolls true . Cabinets, cradles for dolls, toy cribs is decorated in wood and give their names to different kits: There’s the Moon room, the model Rose, Flower kit with floral decorations, Bow, with nice and stylish designs, the set Nature . It will be great to play a mom,look after “child” small, put her to bed or take it in the stroller or pram for a walk, with these wooden toys, small craft masterpieces.

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