Symbolic Game

Yesterday and today the wooden games are those games that accompany the childhood of children, simple games that allow children to imitate adults and their world. Always the children see the “big” examples to follow and provide them with the toys adapted to emulate their actions have a strong pedagogical value because it puts in place a real education that prepares them for their future life.

The wooden toys of the series pretend play helps children just recreating the adult world that both admire and are the objects of our everyday life. Here then all you need to cook, to take care of the laundry or taking care of your doll, but nothing is mechanized so toys should stimulate creativity and imagination. The pedagogical value of a toy is measured precisely by stimuli that provide and knows the series symbolic play helps children in their growth by inviting them to create situations in which it will be the protagonists. They can simulate the care that parents have for them, fun to imitate the actions that take place in the kitchen, or even to test themselves with household chores.

If the educational function of the series symbolic play is not in doubt, there is another factor to keep in mind when choosing a toy: its charm. Wooden toys a little ‘retro are not just companions with whom you spend time, but they have such a beautiful looks that are loved by children and adults and, certainly, will remain in the memories even as adults.

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