Tables and Chairs

Tables and chairs suitable for children you can buy to decorate the room , but also to have an angle to play in the hall, in the Mother’s study, in the days of the house in the kitchen area.

It was Maria Montessori to create, in his “children’s homes” , low furniture they were at their height and created an environment designed especially for them.

Tables and chairs, reduced height , is now found in all nursery schools and kindergartens : they are useful even at home.

The child can sit alone , draw, play and learning exercises on his desk, safe: do not run the risk of falling off the chair, it does not damage the beautiful coffee table in the living room, not dirty the dining table, but it has one its space to have fun and experiment.

The wooden Montessori furnishings are better than plastic tables and small chairs and adapt better to the furnishing of the house.

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