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January 29, 2018

Educating children to gender equality


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“Mom, because you always cook?”.

Children can confuse adults, even with a single question. I am looking for an answer outside of ideologies.

“Dad cooks very well know? During the week back later because he works far away, while you and I are at home since late afternoon. Kitchen Coming before. ”
“Mom, why more you cook, even on Sunday?”

Things get difficult.

“It ‘s true, I almost always cook. Mom and Dad share the tasks. Dad goes to the grocery store, or does the washer, the mother stretches out the laundry. “

I hope essermela fared. To tell the truth, I have to admit that the question of the child was specious: he wanted to send the dads in the kitchen and keep the mother to play.

Today is March 8, International Women’s Day.

I wondered if I make enough to give my son the right message about equality between men and women. Educating children to equality between the sexes is possible , as with any educational act, in so many ways. There is theory and then there are the examples. My son has learned in nearly natural way to say thank you and please. Rarely, in my memory, I explained to him that asks “please”. He learned because he hears me.
Educating children to gender equality can be easy or complicated and depends, to a large extent, on how we perceive us adults.

The division of household tasks at home is the ultimate legacy of old theories on the hearth woman “Angel”?

La divisione dei compiti domestici in casa

Maybe. Personally, I do not consider a sign of inequality that is often I cook. It would, however, very negative, if I felt that my partner does not live household management as a shared task , in ways and times that would be useless to consider rigidly.

Educating children to gender equality means educating equality.

Maria Montessori teaches us that children must be taught the ‘ autonomy : we parents see how much effort put our puppies learning to become great. Then the baby also will collaborate in the management of the house, according to its resources and possibilities. It will put away their toys ; learn to take care of things and respect the work of others.
Let’s be frank: at first, it will do for fun. We hope this is a good sign.

“Mom, can I help you? “.

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