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January 29, 2018

Why read fairy tales!


Fairy tales, legends, myths, always represent for the children the tools through which delve into the world of adults, understand the working mechanisms, rules, role-playing games.
Through stories, children learn that  for every problem there is a solution and that every evil can be defeated by good . In this way, they can control their fears, anxiety, nightmares of the night.
They learn, in short, to compete with themselves and, in this way, to deal with the problems of everyday life. easily understandable for a child, yet not be able to decode the abstract reasoning, it is perfectly comfortable with the typical sequence of images of the classic fairy tales .
Monolithic characters, good or bad, protagonists or antagonists, facilitate the identification, while the language used, made up of images and symbols, it is 
So, in effect  fairy tales are the first educational tools that Mom and Dad can use to help your child grow .

There is no good time to read the stories. Some people prefer to do it before bed, who during the day of return from the park or school, those who do it by sitting on the child’s bed, who embraced on the sofa or in an armchair …. In short, they are not important how and where, but rather, the way, the ability to create “a moment ad hoc”, to “carve out a space for reading” and “set the mood”.

What never do

  • Not modernize the tale transforming the characters (the prince, the ogre, the wicked witch …) in real characters. The detachment is essential for the child to understand the story without being really scared. It must be clear that it is a story and not the reality.
  • Use the child’s name instead of that of one of these characters. This is also important to keep the right distance from the story.
  • Censoring the story for fear that the child can be traumatized. Fairy tales, because they carry small in fantastic worlds, they do not need any form of prior censorship.

What to Do :

  • Choose a location that allows the child to see clearly the figures, to turn the pages, to follow the story.
  • Answer any questions the child, trying to be as honest as possible but without rationalizing the story. Tell him that dragons do not exist does not help him to overcome his fears. Explain that dragons are the weak points and can be defeated yes.
  • Re-read over and over again fairytale if the child requires it.

After 3 years, children begin to ask parents to tell them fairy tales always the same, if possible, always using the same words. This amazing mom and dad who, perhaps, would want to change the book, to move on.
Actually, the fact of knowing perfectly the story is for the child a safe, since, firm in his awareness, to know what is moving. It is through reading that self-esteem of the small gains strength and has the opportunity to succeed.

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